Google Announces Enhanced Campaigns - Introduces Huge Mobile Search Opportunities for Advertisers

In keeping with the latest search trends that find mobile searches outnumbering desktop searches globally, Google has announced some big changes to the AdWords advertising platform that will allow users to take fuller advantage of the full power of the system across multiple platforms and devices.  The changes are aimed at making it easier for advertisers to get the full benefit of mobile ad targeting and bidding across various ad platforms to help them get a better ROI on their campaigns. 

These changes will start to roll out in February of this year, with system-wide conversion of all existing advertising campaigns expected to be complete mid-year, will allow users to easily opt-in to mobile campaigns while helping them optimize their campaign performance for mobile devices and networks with a vastly simplified set of global settings that allow the user more accessible control over device and platform ad bidding, location and device targeting, and more.  These types of features have long been available within AdWords, but have been largely unadapted and unutilized by most users because taking full-advantage of these features and settings has traditionally been very time-consuming, requiring very nuanced campaign management, and more convoluted account and campaign structures.  This is because different campaigns have traditionally been needed to properly target and optimize individual ads across both mobile and desktop platforms.  With the new enhancements, users will be able to optimize the individual ads across both mobile and desktop platforms with a great degree of ease within the same campaign.

What does this mean for Advertisers?  The changes mean that users who had not specifically targeted mobile users with their campaigns in the past will have an easy way to do this using the existing campaigns they already have in the system.  It also means advertisers will have new targeting and bidding options available to them to increase ROI for mobile campaigns.

While these exciting changes make it easier for advertisers to take full advantage of the incredible targeting and bidding options within AdWords, the fact remains that small business advertisers may still run the risk of losing time, money, and financial opportunity by managing their own AdWords and SEM campaigns without a nuanced understanding of what it takes to optimize the performance of their campaigns in order to maximize their results within their ad budget.

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