How to Edit Your Facebook Post After It’s Been Posted

Imagine the horror...  You take the time to craft an awesome post for your page that's informative, provocative, entertaining (ideally all three!) and then you realize... there's a typo, broken link, or other mistake.  Learn how to edit your facebook posts

How to fix it?  Well, if you just posted it, you could always just delete the post and start over.  Blech!  Even worse, if some time has gone by since the post was made and you've gotten some likes and comments, you don't really want to lose all that awesome interaction and engagement by starting over.  So, what now?

No worries!  It's actually possible to edit the post once it's live with just a couple simple steps.

There is just one catch though... you can only use this trick to edit posts that have an image attached - for now anyway.  What does this mean for you?  Well, it means that most posts should have images attached to them.  This is a boon for you in many ways.  Social Media in-general, and Facebook particularly, just prefers posts with images to simple text posts.  Why?  Posts containing images are just more eye-catching and engaging for your audience, and will spark more interest.  Hopefully in the end, this will mean more interaction.  That IS what it's all about, right?

So, how do you edit that Facebook post once it's been sent off into the socialsphere? 

1.  Well, you do have to create a post before you can edit it, so we'll just make that step 1.  Create the body of your post, and include whatever link you want to include in the body (if any), then click the "Photo / Video" button to add your image to the post.  Hit "Share" and you're done.

2.  If you want to edit your post, simply find the post in question and click on the image. 

3.  In the pop-up, click the "Edit" button on the right.

4.  In this new window, you'll be able to edit the post you made, which is really just the description of the photo itself.  When you're done with your updates, click the "Done Editing" button, and Voila!

Now, you can have a perfect post every time, while improving your engagement at the same time.  Doesn't get any better than that!