Here at BCI Interactive, we're proud to announce the introduction of an entirely new set of products perfectly suited to small businesses like yours.

We know that keeping up with online technologies and trends is tough when you're a small business owner.  Actually using them effectively is even tougher.  It takes time.  Time to develop successful strategies, time to implement them, and time to maintain them in the long-term to drive success.  Like you, we understand that time is money, and results are what matters.

Our new suite of services is aimed at driving results and providing small businesses like yours tools, services, and advertising options to drive results with minimal effort.


Some of what we offer:



Whether you're just starting out, or looking for a fresh start on your existing site, our solution is a great way to enhance your presence online.  We set it up & maintain it, you enjoy the results! Our powerful and versatile platform includes hosting, easy-to-use templates, responsive design for mobile (smart phones and tablets), social media integration, and all of the media-rich and dynamic features consumers expect. Let us help you stand apart.  Learn more


We offer a robust suite of social media services that includes social media account setup, account management, and consultation services.  We have a package that's right for you.  Learn more


We have simple, hands-free pay-per-click packages that will help increase your online exposure and drive traffic.  We setup, manage, and maintain the program while you get the results.  Best of all, it's just one flat monthly rate!  Learn more


Our call tracking platform allows businesses to get the most out of their incoming phone traffic by utilizing a local or Toll-Free tracking number.  Users can also take advantage of detailed reporting, call recording features, as well as advanced call routing options.  Monitoring phone traffic is an essential tool in tracking the return-on-investment of your various advertising initiatives.  Learn more


We have a powerful email marketing platform, that lets you specify a demographic and geographical distribution, allowing you to target your messages with precision.  You supply the content, we supply the audience and do the rest!  Learn more

Bundled Offerings

We have bundled offerings that include our social media, pay-per-click, and call tracking services as well.  These bundled offerings also include the added local reach of NorCal Marketplace listings and Banner Ads on various Gold Country Media news sites!  These packages are optimized to provide your small business a comprehensive internet advertising solution.

For more information:

Please visit the product pages above, or contact us via email at  Call us toll-free at 855-882-5219.