Small Business Website Spotlight: 3 Day Closets

3 DAY CLOSETS in Granite Bay, CA is enjoying their BRAND NEW website, created, hosted, and maintained by BCI Interactive.  Joel Croll, the owner of 3 Day Closets, wanted to give his business website a facelift for several reasons, including aesthetics.  Beyond just the look and feel of the site, Joel's goal was to break away from the website he has shared for years with his partner who operates 3 Day Closets in Orlando, Florida.  While the affilliation between the two locations remains unchanged, Joel wanted a way to highlight small, yet important differences in service and product options between his location and it's East Coast counterpart.  It also makes it easier for each location to highlight actual installations they have done, the ability to highlight local client testimonials, and more.

It was also important for Joel that he be able to optimize the construction of his site, including his new URL, to make it more SEO-friendly and more geographically targetted.  With our help, Joel has accomplished all of these goals and more with his new site.

Check it out at

Some key features of the new website:

  • Content-Rich:  Product and service information was copied over to our platform from Joel's previous site by our design team.  This allowed us to keep all of the details and helpful information regarding the products and services available on the new website.  Because our packages do not place arbitrary limits on the number of pages available for a new website like many services do, we are able to accommodate more content-rich layouts to meet your needs.
  • Photo Galleries:  Where the previous website had only a couple of static images representing each product line, Joel opted for additional product image galleries that allows him to display a myriad of different samples and options for his various product lines.
  • Storefront Links:  It was important to Joel that he be able to highlight and link to the various online shopping sites and other business verticals he runs as well.  In addition to the shopping cart icon linking to his closet accessory storefront, we also placed banner links to his other businesses for kitchen cabinet refacing services, and sliding shelf intiallation services.
  • Responsive Design: The "responsive design" of the new site makes it compatible with any smart phone, tablet, or other mobile browser in addition to the standard laptop and desktop accessibility of most sites.  The site literally "resizes" itself to fit in whatever size browser window a user might be using.  This eliminates the need for a second, additional "mobile" site that can be not only costly to develop and host, but can be expensive and time-consuming to maintain and update with new content as well, because when using a separate, dedicated "mobile site," both sites need to be updated with changes.  In contrast, when using the responsive design our sites provide, updates only need to be made one time, and in one place.  This allows for more efficient management of the site and its contents.  When it comes to the end-user experience, our responsive designs make browsing from mobile devices easier, and more productive.  This improves the overall customer experience and decreasing bounce-rate, which will result in more lead conversions for your business!

Is your current website due for a facelift?  Maybe you need to build your first website, but don't know where to start?

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