To a small business, marketing can be expensive and it is often difficult to get results quickly. With a goal to brand my business and gain some new clients, I started with Gold Country Media/ BCI digital marketing program and got instant results. My social media marketing campaign delivered new fans on my FB page (35% increase in two weeks) and new clients interested in my products on day one! Everyday brings new results and both my online visibility and my client base are growing.

Michelle D Designs

Our legal firm focused on growing our business and taking care of clients this year so we found very little time for marketing. We reached out to Gold Country Media/BCI Interactive Media and kick-started campaign with a group of their publications.  Just recently, we explored their new digital agency services, and we're glad we did!  Within two weeks our GoogleAdWords campaign resulted in our business showing on the first page of Google searches for several keywords. Our client base is growing and we hope to continue to grow our local presence by incorporating additional online programs, including social media management and email marketing.

Meyer & Yee LLP